Mark Wahlberg Looks Ultra-Jacked in 4 A.M. Workout Video

At this point in his career, Mark Wahlberg is as well-known for his infamously strict daily routine and workout schedule as he is for his roles in movies like Ted and Uncharted. The actor, who has been buff in the eyes of the public since the early ’90s, still regularly flexes on social media, frequently shedding his shirt to remind fans of his Calvin Klein campaign days.

Wahlberg, who wakes up at 2:30 in the morning every day, credits his intense 4 a.m. training sessons with helping him to sculpt that famous physique, and often makes reference to his “4 a.m. club.”

In a recent Instagram post, the actor showed off the pump from his latest early-morning grind while posing shirtless. “Listen, if there’s a will, there’s a way,” he says in the video. “We worked all night last night, 4 a.m. club is still in effect.”

In addition to a 4 a.m. workout, Wahlberg’s daily schedule (which went viral in 2018 on account of how extreme it seems) includes a round of golf, some muscle recovery in a cryotherapy chamber, and an extra workout in the afternoon, on top of his other commitments to work and family.

How does he manage it all? A 7:30 p.m. bedtime.

“The big secret, gentlemen, is go to sleep earlier,” he told Men’s Health earlier this year. “I’ve got my wife and four kids. Between my prayer time and reading scripts and doing all the things I need to do… if I also want to incorporate some golf or another ‘me time’ activity, you’ve kind of just got to get up before everybody else.”

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