Michelin Chef Daniel Humm’s Mushroom and Seaweed Baked Rice

Even though, National mushroom day takes place on October 15 each year, an average American will eat almost 4-pounds of the fleshy fungus annually, making it an important staple of many household’s meal prep plans. And, while button mushrooms reign supreme with 90% of sales, that’s just the tip of the toadstool. With colder weathers upon us, athletes who enjoy the great outdoors are turning to comfort foods in order to keep them warm and aid in their recovery. Fortunately, Chef Daniel Humm has the perfect dish to restore you, and it involves a mushroom that you might not have tried before, his mushroom and seaweed baked rice recipe.

Morel mushrooms have a cone-like shape and a brain-like appearance, they are available to purchase all year round but the earth-conscious reader will also be pleased to learn that they can be found locally in the wild from March through May in almost every state in the U.S, making them a great target for foraging. Morel mushrooms don’t grow well in intensive farming conditions, so they they usually come from woods or forest to plate and, thanks to their taste and texture, morel mushrooms often make for a welcome substitute for animal protein. “Morels typically have a subtle, earthy, nutty flavor and even some smokiness that I love,” shares Humm. “The Morel Mushroom and Seaweed Baked Rice is one of my favorite simple meals to make for myself at home. I do a lot of endurance cardio so the simple carbs in the dish keep me fuelled for my next workout, and the dense nutrients in this dish prime my body for recovery.”

Health Benefits of Morel Mushrooms

Morel mushrooms contain an abundance of vitamin D and are low in fat. As a plant-based option, they are heart-healthy and may even lower your cholesterol levels. ( source:  )

Mushrooms are good for the digestive system and will be a great resource for those who wish to lower their total meat consumption. “What excites me about these ingredients is the same thing that excites me about all plant-based cooking,” says Humm. “And that is the breadth of what is possible with each vegetable.” Other healthy ingredients in this recovery dish include Shio kombu kelp, thought to be beneficial to those with an irregular thyroid function or arthritis.  “Seaweed adds a beautiful umami (deliciousness) to a dish,” explains Humm. There’s also ginger for an added immunity boost. Try it for yourself!

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Michelin Chef Daniel Humm's Morel Mushroom and Seaweed Baked Rice Recipe
Daniel Humm

Mushroom and Seaweed Baked Rice Recipe

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