New Record Made at the 2023 Olympia Expo: Strongest Series

One of the most impressive events taking place this weekend at the Olympia World Fitness Expo in Orlando is the America’s Strongest series—America’s Strongest Man and America’s Strongest Woman, presented by the Strongman Corporation.

The competitions cover six different events with two weight classes each for men and women: Under 64 kg and Open for women, and Under 90 kg and Open for men. The six events are: Max Axle Press, Yoke/Farmers Medley, Ukrianian Deadlift, Dumbbell Series, Natural Stone to Platform, and Power Stairs. The first three events are taking place on Friday (Nov. 3) and the other three on Saturday (Nov. 4).

Nadia Morrison flexing her biceps after breaking the American max clean and press record
Nadia Morrison

As of early Friday, one record has already fallen on the women’s side. Competing in the Axle Press, Nadia Morrison broke an American max clean and press record with a successful 210-pound lift. That’s a 140-pound woman lifting nearly one-a-half-times her bodyweight from the ground to overhead with full lockout in the knees, hips, and elbows. 

“Overhead press is my favorite event,” says Morrison, who’s originally from the European country of Moldova and now lives in Sacramento, California. “It’s so amazing to see it and then, of course, to do it. It’s a very technical event, but it also takes tremendous strength, so I’m ecstatic to have broken the record. I had no idea it was a record until after the lift.” 

Even more impressive is that Morrison broke the record at age 39. “I don’t feel my age at all,” she says. “I have so much energy and I feel great.”

Stay tuned for more event coverage on live from the Olympia World Fitness Expo.

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