Reebok Drops Its First Peek at the New ‘FloatZig 1’ Running Shoe

Leading footwear innovators, Reebok have announced a new sneaker in the form of the FloatZig 1 running shoe. The brand says that this new shoe model will make running “more fun and enjoyable for all”. Here’s why.

“Already receiving rave test-reviews from the run community, the FloatZig is built for new runners, seasoned professionals, and everyone in between,” reads a Reebok press release. “offering best-in class comfort, support, performance, and style at an accessible price point.”

Reebok Floatzig running sneaker
Courtesy of Reebok

What is the Reebok FloatZig 1 Running Shoe?

r“We’re thrilled to introduce the New Shape of Running with FloatZig 1,” says Reebok President and CEO, Todd Krinsky. “By combining our award-winning Floatride Energy Foam cushioning designed for the elite runner with our unique outsole shape, we created a running shoe that offers premium support and comfort, all while being unique, bold, and stylish.”

Key Reebok FloatZig 1 tech features include:

  • Floatride Energy Foam and ZigTech technology in an iconic geometric shape to provide lightweight and responsive energy return
  • Engineered Mesh Vamp Upper with reflective overlays and reinforced midfoot panels to offer extra support.
  • Targeted foam panels at the tongue and collar, offering additional comfort and a secure fit
  • A Drop of 6mm
  • Weighing at 9.8oz and below
Reebok Floatzig 1 running shoe specs
Courtesy of Reebok

Reebok’s ‘ZigTech’ includes a zigzag foam sole designed to push athletes forward, assisting with efficient energy return by using the wearers impact to absorb and utilize the force in order to reduce stress on joints and shins. “The FloatZig 1 Running Shoes offer industry-leading performance and energy return, suited for even the most elite runners, but built to be accessible and enjoyable for all runners,” adds Krinsky of the company’s latest offering, designed to be lightweight and bouncy.

FloatZig 1 represents the first iteration in the FloatZig product family and retail prices begin at $130. Reebok have also announced that for those who run longer distances, a second iteration known as FloatZig Symmetros will meet their needs, offering dual density and extra stability. This upgraded version retails at $150. Going forward, Reebok have big plans for it’s latest product group , touting that future releases will include a carbon-fibre plate model called FloatZig X1, and the upcoming FloatZig Adventure to suit those who like to take their feet into more rugged trails and environments.

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