South Korean Soccer Star Shows Off Ripped Abs in Calvin Klein Ad

You know you’ve made it—both in terms of fame and personal fitness—when you feature in a Calvin Klein campaign, modeling the classic brand’s apparel in a more-often-than-not shirtless photo shoot. These ads frequently star very of-the-moment celebrities like Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Jacob Elordi whose muscular physiques can be relied on to look good in the staple underwear and, increasingly, provoke a thirsty response on social media.

The most recent public figure to appear in a Calvin Klein ad is international soccer star Son Heung-min, known to fans of his team Tottenham Hotspurs FC as “Sonny,” whose lean frame and visible abs are on full display as he models the brand’s new spring underwear line.

For Sonny, though, bagging a Calvin Klein campaign isn’t even his highest achievement this month, coming second to the fact that he recently scored his 100th goal in the Premier League with the Spurs, earning the rarified title of Premier League Centurion.

“For me, it is really really special,” he said in an interview commemorating his 100 goals. “To be honest, firstly, this is something special you know so I mean it was a big big achievement for me but I want to still keep scoring a lot of goals for the people and make to everyone everyone happy.”

“I always say, when you think positively, positive things happen,” he continued. “I have these moments for the rest of my life. It is in my heart… These are memories I will never forget. I hope people don’t forget me after 50, 60 years!”

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