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If you routinely search for ways to push the envelope in fitness, Beyond Raw® LITTM is the game-changer you’ll want in your pre-workout stack. While it’s labeled as a pre-workout supplement, once you experience its benefits, you might start thinking of it as a new workout partner. It’s crafted to give you intense energy, razor-sharp focus, and powerful muscle pumps.

LIT™ is from Beyond Raw®, a premium sports nutrition brand that is backed by the experts at GNC and is meticulously designed to help avid fitness enthusiasts like you elevate your workouts and shatter those pesky plateaus.

Unreal Energy & Focus

With more than 11,000 5-star reviews LITTM has undoubtedly made its mark. Reviewers frequently praise both the potent formula that features a blend of caffeine, elevATP®, and CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine and creatine, and the wide variety of delicious flavors, LITTM has been viewed as a missing link to help make the most of each rep. Caffeine provides a surge of energy and elevates focus and alertness. CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine helps fight muscle fatigue by increasing muscle carnosine levels. Creatine fuels energy production during quick and intense exercise. Forget lackluster warmups; with LITTM, you’ll be dialed in from start to finish.

Mind-Blowing Muscle Pumps

But LITTM isn’t just about energy. It also gifts you with the coveted muscle pump, thanks to Nitrosigine and L-citrulline. Those ingredients help boost nitric oxide levels to make you feel and see the impact of every rep. Nitrosigine has been clinically shown to boost levels of arginine in the body, which is an amino acid that fuels nitric oxygen production.

100% Formula Transparency

No gimmicks or hidden ingredients here. With LITTM what you see is what you get. Every ingredient, every dosage — it’s all there. With LITTM, you’re in control, knowing exactly what’s fueling your performance.


Delicious Flavors That Mix Easy

Besides its performance-boosting properties, LITTM is a treat for your taste buds. From Orange Mango to Jolly Rancher, enjoy smooth, delectable flavors that mix effortlessly.

Available Now at GNC.com

Ready to elevate your workouts? Head to GNC.com and explore LITTM.



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