The 8 Best Folding Exercise Bikes in 2023, Tested by Certified Trainers

Folding exercise bikes are similar to traditional indoor exercise bikes, although there are some key differences. It’s important to understand them when shopping for the best foldable bike for you.

Size and Portability

If you’re shopping for foldable exercise bikes, there’s a good chance you’re short on space at home. So, it’s likely that size and portability are important considerations. The most lightweight folding bikes we’ve seen weigh less than 40 pounds, while beefier models can be more than 60 pounds. In either case, they’re still fairly portable, even for one person to move. This is made all the easier for models with built-in transport wheels. Also, be sure to compare the “open” and “folded” sizes, so you’ll know just how much floor space that folding bike will save you.

Types of Resistance

As with traditional models, the type of resistance can make all the difference. Thankfully, the choice is simple because most folding exercise bikes rely on magnetic resistance. This is the quietest and most low-maintenance construction. Some use air-powered flywheels which offer almost limitless resistance levels, but they are inherently louder and need more frequent maintenance.

Delivery and Assembly

The most important difference between traditional exercise bikes and folding models is, of course, in the name: Folding. This can make foldable exercise bikes slightly more complicated than their ordinary counterparts, which means they can be more difficult to assemble. When shopping for your first model, check other buyers’ reviews on how easy or difficult the assembly process was. Also consider what delivery options are provided. Will the bike be left outside your front door? Or is “white glove” delivery (inside your home) offered, whether for free or as an add-on? You may want to consider the latter and, if you don’t want to bother assembling it yourself, see if the company offers assembly as well.


In the world of home gym and workout equipment, folding exercise bikes are relatively affordable. Most fall into the $150-$200 range. Some budget models can be had for closer to $100 but, in most cases, we don’t recommend these as they’re just not built to last. The best folding exercise bikes can top $300 and offer a lot more convenience features—think larger LCD screens, built-in work desks, dozens of resistance levels, and more.

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