The Best Back Shavers in 2023, According to Grooming Experts

best back shavers

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HAIR GROWS wherever it wants to grow, and for some guys, that includes their back. A hairy back is nothing to be ashamed of, and it’s more normal than you think. If a guy has a great head of hair and a full beard, there’s a good chance he’s also hairy from the back. Getting rid of it typically requires a second set of hands, whether that’s asking your partner for their help to shave your back or getting it waxed. But if you want to shave your own back hair, a back shaver can help you get the job done without any outside assistance.

Back shavers are just like other razors: some feature blades while others are electric. One isn’t necessarily any better than the other and it’s really up to your manscaping preference which type of back shaver suits your needs best. The key differentiator is that back shavers have a much longer handle and often wider blades, since the back covers a large surface area. A longer blade helps you reach the entirety of your back on your own without any help, and a wider blade makes hair removal a quick and easy process.

Ready to get rid of your back hair and feel confident in your own skin the next time you hit up the pool or beach? These are the best back shavers to eliminate back hair effortlessly and pain-free.

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Best Overall Back Shaver


2.0 Elite Plus Back Shaver for Men

Blades 3
Weight 11.36 ounces
Length 18 inches
Waterproof Yes

Most Versatile Back Shaver


Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

Blades 2
Length 11 inches
Weight 1 lb
Waterproof No

Best Electric Back Shaver

Philips Norelco

Bodygroom Series 3500 Showerproof Body Trimmer

Combs 3 Bi-directional trimming click on combs (3, 5, and 7mm)
Length 9.65 inches
Weight 0.97 pounds
Waterproof Yes

Easiest To Use

Bro Shaver

2.2. Back Shaver

Blades 2
Length 17.32 inches
Weight 3.21 oz
Waterproof Yes

What To Look For In A Back Shaver

The best back shavers get the job done quickly and hopefully without leaving you with any nicks and cuts. This can be tricky, since your shoulders and back muscles are constantly in motion as you’re trying to shave the tricky area. Look for back shavers with a long handle to avoid having to switch up the angle too often. Long, even strokes are the key to preventing cuts. IF you want a super close shave, look for back shavers with multiple blades to grab every hair. Electric back shavers are typically easier to use, but you might have to shave more often. Like typical razors, you want to replace the blades regularly to prevent ingrown hairs, infection, or injury. Electric razors should be kept clean and washed regularly.

For the past two years, we consulted with Men’s Health’s Grooming editors and writers on the best performing back shavers for men. Experts, including our Grooming Editor Garrett Munce, put a number of back shavers to the test and evaluated their effectiveness, durability, price point, and ease-of-use. We also considered top-reviewed back shavers that had over 100 five-star ratings on e-commerce websites we trust.

Cristina Montemayor is a freelance writer and journalist living in Austin, Texas, covering beauty, grooming, style, and culture.

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