This Black + Decker 3-in-1 Leaf Blower Is 12% Off at Amazon

As fall approaches, the anticipation of leaves blanketing your yard grows. The changing foliage makes for a pretty picture, but knowing you’ll have to rake or use a leaf blower to get it all up takes away from the magic some. To make managing the mess easier, a multifunctional tool like Black + Decker’s corded 3-in-1 Leaf Blower, Vacuum, and Mulcher is the ideal solution for clean up. This machine performs those functions and, ergo, cuts down on the number of power tools you’ll need in your garage, making yard maintenance more efficient and convenient. If that sounds like something you can use, Amazon is offering 12 percent off the 3-in-1 ahead of Labor Day weekend.

Black + Decker 3-In-1 Electric Leaf Blower, Leaf Vacuum, and Mulcher

On Sale

 3-In-1 Electric Leaf Blower, Leaf Vacuum, and Mulcher

Black + Decker 3-In-1 Electric Leaf Blower, Leaf Vacuum, and Mulcher

Now 12% Off

The Black + Decker 3-in-1 comes with the accessories necessary to swap it between leaf blowing, leaf vacuuming, and mulching functions. The leaf blower can hit air speeds of 250 miles per hour and volumes of 400 cubic feet per minute, allowing you to effectively clear everything from leaves, grass clippings, and other lightweight debris on your property. Many models in our guide for the best dedicated leaf blowers boast similar specs.

The straps on the 3-in-1 allow you to wear it like a backpack, making it easier to carry around your yard. When you’re using it as a vacuum, the heavy-duty collection bag connects to the tool via a tube, and the flexibility gives you better maneuverability when sucking up leaves and debris. Once the contents are mulched inside the bag, you can empty it by unlatching the retaining clip and unrolling the opening. There’s no zipper, which can be prone to fail, making emptying an easy process that allows you to get back to vacuuming quickly.


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While we haven’t tested this model, Black + Decker ranks among the best leaf vacuums. The model we chose is also a 3-in-1, and our editors liked it because of its affordability, ability to change modes quickly, and ease of use. The model on sale from Amazon features similar functionality but offers a superior collection bag and higher airflow. And it’s almost as affordable as the one in our guide if you take advantage of this discount.

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