Tom Brady Looks Shredded in Shirtless Beach Football Photos

Tom Brady has been living it up since retiring from the NFL for the second time in as many years—in fact, he seems to be having so much fun that the retirement might actually stick this time.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion just shared some highlights from a recent beach outing with his kids, playing ball on the sand in a game of skins and… well, skins. Alongside his former teammates Blaine Gabbert, Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski (Edelman played with Brady with the New England Patriots, while Gronk followed Brady from the Pats to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where they won Super Bowl LV with Gabbert), Brady was shirtless in every photo, showing off his lean, muscular physique—and his branded swimwear.

“Beach day with the crew,” Brady wrote in the caption, adding a comment to plug the BRADY Brand line. A lot of the people commenting on the post pointed out the resemblance that these images struck to the shirtless beach volleyball scene in the 1986 classic movie Top Gun, or perhaps more accurately, the shirtless beach football scene in its sequel, Top Gun: Maverick.

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Shop BRADY BRAND Swimwear Now

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Brady, 45, has been showing a lot of body following both his retirement and the announcement that he and wife Gisele Bündchen are divorcing. In February, the newly single athlete took a thirsty mirror selfie in his underwear, but that was less about fishing for DM slides and more about honoring a promise he had made to recreate the poses of the male models in the latest BRADY Brand campaign. (Although let’s be honest, it could’ve been both.)

Gronkowski and Edelman also appear to both be in great shape in the beach photos. Edelman retired from pro football in 2021 after a prior knee injury prevented him from playing, while Gronkowski retired in 2022 after playing two seasons with the Buccs, having previously been tempted out of retirement by Brady.

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