Urologist Shares 4 Scientifically Proven Ways to Increase Sexual Pleasure

Urologist, pelvic surgeon and sex educator Dr. Rena Malik uses her YouTube channel to dispel misinformation surrounding sex and offer advice to help people enjoy a safe and pleasurable sex life. In a recent video, Malik breaks down the findings of a recent study comprising more than 4,000 women in the United States about the sexual techniques that have been found to be the most pleasurable.


Rotating or gyrating the hips during penetration, which creates variety as to where in the vagina is being rubbed by the penis or toy. According to the study, 88 percent of women experienced an increase in sexual pleasure while angling.


In rocking, the penis stays inside the vagina for the duration of sex, rather than the more typical rhythmic moving in and out, allowing the base of the penis to stimulate the clitoris during penetration. 76 percent of respondents enjoyed this technique.

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Shallowing is exactly as it sounds; penetrative touch just inside the vagina. This was deemed the most effective way to increase pleasure during sex, with 84 percent of participants enjoying the experience. 25 percent of those women also believed that shallowing made their orgasms more intense. This, Malik explains, is because the outermost part of the vagina is the most enervated part, meaning it is the most sensitive to sexual stimulation. “


In pairing, either the woman or her partner reaches down to stimulate the clitoris while they are being penetrated by the penis or toy.

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