‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Was Left Speechless After a Contestant “Twerked” on Him

It’s not every day that Pat Sajak is caught off-guard by a contestant’s behavior on Wheel of Fortune, but even the most composed of TV hosts can’t help but react sometimes.

On a recent taping of the hit game show, the longtime television personality was standing with a contestant named Jamie as she attempted to complete the bonus round. As the duo stood looking at Vanna White revealing letters on the iconic puzzle board, it didn’t take long for Jamie to figure out the phrase: “Quiet neighborhood.” And while Pat is familiar with competitors rejoicing over their wins, he certainly didn’t expect Jamie to come up and get physical with him.

After guessing the correct phrase, she jumped up and down with excitement before bumping into Pat with her…well, just take a look below:

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Pat Sajak Gets Butt-Bumped | Wheel of Fortune

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“Did she just butt-bump me?” he quizzically asked shortly after the event occurred. “I did!” Jamie quickly responded. In the end, the Wheel of Fortune contestant won a new Mazda car and provoked strong reactions all around.

‘Wheel of Fortune’

'Wheel of Fortune'

Despite Pat’s seemingly visceral response over the incident, it didn’t mean fans weren’t into it. What’s more, they couldn’t help but make comments about it on social media.

“Pat really gets to meet with all personality types on his show. At least he has a good sense of [humor]! ????,” one person wrote on Instagram. “That was one of the best with Pat ????????????????????????????????????,” another follower said. “It was more of a butt bump with a hint of twerk,” a different viewer added on YouTube.

After more than four decades as host, it’s not surprising to see Pat experience new encounters with players. But we’re sure this particular moment will have folks talking for some time.

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