Are Jackie and Marshall Still Together?

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 4

Amidst all the drama in Love Is Blind, each season there’s a couple who hits it off right away and someone the viewers can root for. In Love Is Blind Season 4, one of the seemingly well-matched couples is Jackie and Marshall.

The two hit it off in the pods immediately, and only face tension in the first five episodes as Jackie also grows close to 31-year-old project engineer Josh. But as soon as Marshall gets wind of Jackie’s indecision, he stresses to her that he’s all in if she is. The two exit the pods, see each other for the first time, and get engaged.

But as every Love Is Blind fan knows, the real drama comes in the middle of the season. As couples leave the pods and begin to step back into the real world, they have to work, live together, and meet each other’s families. The riveting conversations and shared values in the pods won’t matter when you have to decide who’s taking out the trash or what to eat for dinner. And how the couples fare in real life of course informs the critical decision of whether or not they say yes at the altar or walk away for good.

So, do Jackie and Marshall do well outside of the pods? Or was their relationship only meant to last during the speed dating phase? We’ve got the most up-to-date info on the status of their relationship.

Are Jackie and Marshall from Love Is Blind still together?

When they first exited the pods and went on the trip to Mexico, the couple seemed to deal with the transition well. Jackie confided in Marshall her worries about returning to the real world, where she, according to Marie Claire, has to take care of her parents. She also revealed her fear of returning to her old ways. Marshall soothed her and the two appeared to move on from the incident.

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Jackie and Marshall in Love Is Blind Season 4


But as of Episode 8, the couple’s bond may be in jeopardy. After moving in together, Jackie and Marshall have a massive fight. And according to Entertainment Weekly, choice words were said. Marshall briefly moved out of the apartment, saying he was hurt Jackie said he needed to be more aggressive as a partner. “We don’t have sex, bro,” Jackie says.

Jackie is also offended when Marshall says he views her as a “project” since she hasn’t been in a real relationship before. But Marshall reiterates his love for her and says marriage means having tough conversations. Jackie cries and apologizes, and the fight ends.

Marie Claire reports Jackie and Marshall don’t follow each other on Instagram, and the couple don’t seem to be in the teaser for couples who make it to the altar. Until the next batch of episodes come out on April 7, it looks like Jackie and Marshall’s relationship is up in the air.

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