Are Lisa and Brian Still Together?

The following story contains spoilers for The Ultimatum Season 2.

THE ULTIMATUM: MARRY or Move On is officially back for Season 2, and there is no shortage of drama in the eight episodes released in the season’s first week. The sho’ws premise centers around five couples facing issues in their respective relationships. One partner of each pairing has given the other an ultimatum of proposing. However, the stakes are raised when they split off and recouple with other contestants to see if someone else might be a better fit than their current partner.

During the recoupling, the contestants spend three weeks living with a new person, going on real-life dates, and even meeting each other’s parents to gain more insight as to whether or not their new relationships are stronger. Then, each person returns to the couple they entered the show with. Some reach a better understanding of fixing the weaknesses that led to the ultimatum, and others struggle with the fact that the person they loved was getting close to someone else.

The hosts, Nick and Vanessa Lachey, frequently check in with the cast to see where they’re emotionally at in the process—as it can be quite a taxing psychological dating experiment.

Most of the time, the couples have an expectation of what the show is and that they have to stick it out until the final altar decision. In Brian and his girlfriend Lisa’s case, they had a truly tumultuous ride in just the first two episodes. When Lisa saw Brian having a close conversation with Riah, it resulted in the two having a tense screaming match in the bar’s parking lot. Things escalated even further when Lisa slapped him.

While it seemed that signaled the end of their relationship, things only got crazier from there.

Are Brian And Lisa From The Ultimatum Season 2 Still Together?

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Vanessa and Nick had a shocking reveal for the other participants during the recoupling dinner, as it was clear Brian and Lisa were missing from the table.

Lisa had discovered that her pregnancy test came back positive—making for a jaw-dropping cliffhanger. At the start of Episode 3, she is seen approaching Brian with the news in a private conversation, and he was emotional about the fact that he was going to be a father. Because of this, the couple decided to leave the show together and not couple up with anyone else, going against the standard rules expected from contestants.

However, since the two entered The Ultimatum to obviously repair their relationship, viewers might be wondering if they stayed together after their dramatic exit.

Brian and Lisa are still together at the moment, made clear by the two following each other on social media. The couple also did a joint interview, where they spoke about how they have grown since then, mainly through the help of therapy. “This baby isn’t a crutch for us, and we’re not going to use it as that,” Lisa said. “We needed to figure if we wanted to be together in the long run and that our goals aligned.”

While it’s unclear when the season filmed, Lisa and Brian will likely welcome their child within the next few months—and viewers now know what their current relationship status is.

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