‘The Ultimatum’ Season 2 Release Schedule

Netflix is back with another season of one of its most talked about dating shows: The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On. The series is now onto Season 2, and will feature a whole new cast of couples.

For anyone unaware, the show brings in couples who all have one thing in common: one partner wants to get married right away, while the other is still on the fence for whatever reason. To put their love to the test, the couples will “break up” for a period of time, choosing another contestant to date for a period of time to see if they miss their partner or want to try out a new relationship. Then, couples will reconvene, dealing with both the remaining issues in their relationship and then also any new problem areas that cropped up due to their separation. It’s a televised version of “taking a break” that contains all sorts of drama you can’t help but talk to friends about.

The Ultimatum most recently closed out its first queer season, a spin-off called The Ultimatum: Queer Love. Although there’s no telling when the spin-off version of the show will return, if interest in Season 2 is increased from Season 1, it’s likely we’ll not only get more The Ultimatum, but more spin-off potential too.

So, when does The Ultimatum come back for another season? And when do each batch of episodes drop on the platform? Here’s what we know about The Ultimatum Season 2. You won’t want to miss it.

How to Watch The Ultimatum Season 2

You can only watch The Ultimatum on Netflix.

Stream The Ultimatum Here

When Is the Next Episode of The Ultimatum Season 2?

The first eight episodes are out now. The final two episodes will be released a week later, on August 30.

How many episodes of The Ultimatum Season 2 are left?

Two episodes are left in the ten episode season.

Here’s the full release schedule for The Ultimatum Season 2.

Episode 1: Now streaming as of August 23

Episode 2: Now streaming as of August 23

Episode 3: Now streaming as of August 23

Episode 4: Now streaming as of August 23

Episode 5: Now streaming as of August 23

Episode 6: Now streaming as of August 23

Episode 7: Now streaming as of August 23

Episode 8: Now streaming as of August 23

Episode 9: Premieres on August 30

Episode 10: Premieres on August 30

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