Bruce Springsteen’s Health Status: Everything We Know

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band have just postponed the rest of the September dates on their North American tour due to illness—the third occasion this year that the iconic rock star has canceled or rescheduled live shows. Here’s everything we know about Springsteen’s health and his reasons for taking time away from performing.

March 2023

Springsteen canceled performances Columbus, Ohio on March 9 and Uncasville, Connecticut on March 12, then rescheduled his Albany, New York concert on March 14, “due to illness.”

“No need to be anxious or afraid,” said E Street guitarist Stevie Van Zandt at the time. “Nothing serious. Just a temporary situation. We will all be back in full force very soon.”

April 2023

Springsteen and his wife, Patti Scialfa, tested positive for Covid, although this did not lead to any missed shows. Other members of the E Street Band had also contracted Covid earlier in the year.

June 2023

A clip of Springsteen falling over on-stage at a concert in Amsterdam blew up on TikTok, with many fans expressing their concern—but the singer bounced back with aplomb, seemingly unharmed, and continued to finish his performance.

August 2023

Two tour dates in Philadelphia were called off on August 16 and 18. According to the band’s official website, Springsteen had been “taken ill” although no further details were given, and the shows were later rescheduled for August 2024.

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September 2023

On September 6, the band’s website announced that all eight remaining September tour dates would be rescheduled. Springsteen is being treated for symptoms of peptic ulcer disease.

Peptic ulcer disease, an issue affecting the gastrointestinal tract is caused by the Helicobacter pylori bacteria, and can lead to pain in the oesophagus and stomach. Springsteen has been advised by his medical team to take some time off while he recovers.

“Over here on E Street, we’re heartbroken to have to postpone these shows,” wrote Springsteen in an official statement. “First, apologies to our fabulous Philly fans who we missed a few weeks ago. We’ll be back to pick these shows up and then some. Thank you for your understanding and support. We’ve been having a blast at our U.S. shows and we’re looking forward to more great times. We’ll be back soon.”

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