David Beckham Shares Shirtless Vacation Photos

Not all 48-year-old men look like David Beckham, but many wish they did.

The soccer legend recently shared a shirtless picture from his family vacation to Croatia, and the internet couldn’t help but notice he’s still as lean as he was when he was on the field 20 years ago.

Standing on rocks overlooking the sea while wearing pair of green swim shorts and black sunglasses, Beckham revealed that he’s still the proud owner of a set of ripped six-pack abs. “Ending the summer with one last dip,’ he captioned his Instagram story.

When speaking to Men’s Health UK a few years back, Beckham revealed that his ‘dad-bod’ (more-so calling his physique that because he is, in fact, a dad) was the result of doing simple things like walking and biking with his daughter.

“You don’t have to go and spend a huge amount of money going to the gym,” he said.
“Three or four times a week I walk my daughter to school instead of driving her, or she bikes home with me. It’s the little things that make a difference.”

However, when he’s not engaging in low-intensity training with his daughter, Beckham is also known to be a fan of sweaty, calorie-torching HIIT workouts.

Last year, he teamed up with legendary trainer Gunnar Peterson and F45 to design a high-intensity interval circuit, which incorporated some of the movements he would have made with ease as a soccer player. He described it as one of the hardest workouts he’s done since his playing career ended.

“Some of these movements, I haven’t done them since I was a player,” he said. “So when I was in the London studio doing this… at the end, I said, “I need to apologize to everyone that was in this class with me.”

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