How to Watch ‘Evil Dead Rise’

REBOOTS ARE all the rage right now, especially in horror movies. Scream, Halloween, Saw, and Insidious are all franchises which, after some time, have come back for another attempt to scare audiences. Some are successful (Scream, Halloween), while some have yet to prove themselves (Saw), and others have yet to come out (Insidious). The next horror franchise looking to make a comeback? The Evil Dead.

Since its first film in 1981, Sam Raimi‘s The Evil Dead has brought both scares and laughs to viewers everywhere. With its main hapless protagonist Ash, the films have made a horror icon out of actor Bruce Campbell, who also starred in a spin-off television series, Ash vs. The Evil Dead. The show went on for three seasons and ended in 2018. A new Evil Dead film, however, has not been seen since 2013, despite the positive reception of the fourth film. Now a decade later, director Lee Cronin (The Hole In The Ground) hopes to reboot the franchise with Evil Dead Rise.

The movie follows two sisters who have to save their family from a demonic entity. Lily Sullivan and Alyssa Sutherland star in what could potentially be spark new life for the franchise. The trailer for the movie shows darkness and gore galore, so it’s clear horror fans new and old are in for a treat.

So, how do you watch Evil Dead Rise? And when will it be on streaming? Will it be on Netflix? We’ve got the answers to all your questions below.

How to Watch Evil Dead Rise

Evil Dead Rise premiered in theaters on April 21, 2023. During its theatrical release, the only way to see the film is to view it in person.

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Is Evil Dead Rise available to stream?

As of now, Evil Dead Rise is not available to stream. But after its theatrical run it will stream on HBO Max (which will soon become Max), since the film is being distributed by Warner Bros.

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