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Without innovation, dating shows can get old fast. Shows that used to be revolutionary, like The Bachelor, have become less popular as newer shows with high concepts and higher-stakes drama have emerged. You could make the case that Netflix’s Love Is Blind is the popular kid in school right now, offering a brand new take on the genre. And due to the streamer’s success with Love Is Blind, it only makes sense that it would continue to grow its reality dating genre, not only helping people find love, but attempting to help repair relationships too (or at least putting the pieces in place to create some riveting television). That’s where The Ultimatum comes in.

The Ultimatum picks up where most dating shows drop off, following long-term couples thinking about the next step in their relationships: marriage. But the show presents a fascinating twist in that one person in the relationship is ready to get married, while the other is hesitant for whatever reason.

To break couples out of their standstill, The Ultimatum lets couples “break up” for a period of time, letting them date other people before coming back together to discuss if they’re really interesting in sticking together for the long haul, or if they should end their relationship and potentially pursue relationships with other contestants. Season 1 offered five couples consisting of men and women, each making difficult decisions impacting their romantic lives. But Season 2 of the Netflix show adds another element to the show. Rather than continue to establish the show’s standard format, Season 2 is made up of contestants who are all queer . To prepare for the season, here’s a look at the original couples before they begin their runs on The Ultimatum.

The Ultimatum: Queer Love Season 2 Official Cast

Lexi (25, Pronouns: She/Her) has issued the Ultimatum to Rae (27, Pronouns: She/Her)

lexi rae ultimatum

Lexi and Rae in The Ultimatum Season 2


Mildred (33, Pronouns: She/Her) has issued the Ultimatum to Tiff (32, Pronouns: They/Them)

mildred and tiff ultimatum

Mildred and Tiff in The Ultimatum Season 2


Yoly (34, Pronouns: She/Her) has issued the Ultimatum to Mal (36, Pronouns: She/Her/They)

yoly and mal the ultimatum

Yoly and Mal in The Ultimatum Season 2


Sam (31, Pronouns: She/Her) has issued the Ultimatum to Aussie (42, Pronoun: Aussie)

the ultimatum sam aussie

Sam and Aussie in The Ultimatum Season 2


Xander (30, Pronouns: She/Her/They) has issued the Ultimatum to Vanessa (30, Pronouns: She/Her)

xander and vanessa the ultimatum


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